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stronger predictor of mortality than chronic hepatitis C virus infection April 25, 2015, Vienna, Austria: Results presented today at The International Liver Congress 2015, show that alcohol use disorders (AUD) have a serious, negative prognostic outcome with higher mortality risks in the general population and patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection in particular. The study found that chronic HCV infection has a limited impact on mortality, unless the patient also has other severe comorbidities, such as HIV infection, cancer or chronic kidney disease. In contrast, those with AUDs are at significant risk of death with a higher mortality risk observed across all the study subgroups. Micha Schwarzinger, Director, THEN (Translational Health Economics Network) and Vincent Mallet, Professor of Hepatology, Universit Paris Descartes and Assistance Publique H de Paris, France, commented: "There is an epidemiological relationship between chronic HCV infection and AUD. However, the burden

227m cut to GST share Treasurer Peter Gutwein said yesterday any change that would take money from the state coffers to boost richer states was out of the question. His comments came in response to Senator Cormann suggesting yesterday that the GST carve up be frozen at 2014 15 levels to alleviate the issues his home state of Western Australia was experiencing with falling iron ore prices. do otherwise would be tantamount to theft and Tasmania will not sit idly by and accept that. The Premier will be making that clear when he
Wholesale jerseys from China attends COAG later this week. Gutwein said the independent recommendations of the Grants Commission should be respected. interference would be, in our view, the Commonwealth effectively stealing what is rightfully ours, he said. Mathias Cormann, who is Finance Minister for all of Australia not just his home state, thinks there is a problem with WA budget he should encourage a bilateral deal between Western Australia and the Commonwealth, outside of the GST distribution

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