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transporter: any company certified to transport motor vehicles by hauling them on special vehicles or driving them. average gross revenue per loaded mile: average total payment received per mile traveled with a load. axle weight: amount of weight transmitted to the highway by one axle. back haul (a) to haul a shipment back over a part of a route traveled; (b) traffic moving in direction of light flow when a carrier?s traffic on a route is heavier in one direction than the other. balance sheet: a financial statement listing all assets, liabilities and owner?s equity at a certain date. balloon freight: light, bulky cargo. basing point: a point in which rates to another destination are computed through. For example, a rate from Louisville, KY to a point near Jacksonville, Fl is computed as follows: The rate form Louisville to Jacksonville to the nearby point. Jacksonville, in this case, is the basing point. basing rate: (see proportional rate) billed weight: the weight shown in a freight bill

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Articles Connexes:

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